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It’s Time To Humanize Your Marketing

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Consumers have wised up to traditional marketing. Adblockers remove ads from websites, DVR’s skip television commercials, and readers flip right past print ads.

Enter “content marketing”. Content marketing is, in short, a marketing approach that focuses on providing relevant and engaging content that consumers WANT to watch. Instead of sales-oriented projects, brands produce material intended to educate and entertain the consumer, earning their loyalty and their business.

And it is working.

Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional methods, and marketing professionals consider video content to be one of their top 5 most important tools. (Forbes/Smart Insights)


Increase in purchase intent after enjoyment of a video ad

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That’s where WhyBot comes in.

It tells the world your “why”.

Consumers are more interested in the intimate reason of “why”. They don’t want a summary that reads like an encyclopedia article or a video that looks like it should have been on PBS in the 90’s, they want a story that allows them to connect with the human beings behind the company.

Why did you start your company? Why do your employees find such fulfillment working for you? Why do clients keep coming back? In the midst of this “buy local” consumer trend we’ve found ourselves in, it’s just as important to sell you as it is to sell your product.

If your website is the face of your company, your WhyBot is the heart.

Video marketing doesn’t have to be a frustration.

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